Black people policing other black people’s blackness, creating a separation between “real” black people and “other” black people, assuming that all black Americans have the same exact cultural framework, and in general replicating the same oppressive power structures that white supremacy thrives off of will never, ever, ever be a good look. 

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I’ve spent so much time and energy on the offensive and defensive with things happening in my life that I lost sight of who I am, what I stand for and what/whose most important to me. Now Ive lost a great woman and my child who isn’t even born yet. I miss feeling her kicks and tumbles. I miss the arguments I had with Megan. Love how she spilled her emotions to me. I love how she’s kept our child safe all this time. Healthy and always kicking. Mentally tortured right now, but I do deserve it. I was the one who did wrong after all. I just want to see the two once more. I miss those girls. :’(